The website is categorised to cater to different groups of visitors based on their property interest. We have sections like Commercial Property, Residential Property, Neighbourhood and also Roommate. As different groups of users have their interest in different category, they will not be presented with information that they do not require. As we have a strong developer team developing more features for this website, we are sure the tools that we developed can help the users to sell and manage their Malaysia Property more effectively.

Features :

  1. Dashboard

    Showing useful information to the user at a glance and help to effectively manage their postings and enquiry.

  2. Estate123 Cloud

    Allowing users to browse for property and also manage leads that they received via their smart phone.

  3. Estate123 On-the-Go

    An Android App to allow agents/negotiators to create property posting on the go without the need to use their computer.

  4. eMagazine

    Agents/Negotiators can generate their own eMagazine with their property posted in and sent it to their potential customer.

  5. Leads Management

    Receive and manage leads received via the website.

  6. QR Code for Property Posting

    Agents/Negotiators can generate QR Code of their property and display it at the property to allow potential customer to scan and view the property details.