Sentinel Enterprise EMS

Sentinel EMS consolidates all licensing and entitlement management processes on a unified web platform. With Sentinel EMS, software vendors and device manufacturers can manage entitlements, automate back office processes, and gain insight into product usage. It supports both homegrown and commercial licensing enforcement methods and can be deployed on-premise or as a cloud service.

Protect Once
Define parameters once as part of the licence, to reduce configuration of your applications during implementation.

Deliver Many
Deliver the same software package to individual users or across thousands of enterprise domain users, with no dependence on new product engineering.

Evolve Often
Adjust the licence policy for different customers, across market verticals and regions.

Features :

  •   Versatile Packaging
  •   Customer Self Service
  •   Vendor-Agnostic Licensing
  •   Usage Tracking & Reporting
  •   Multi-Channel Distribution
  •   Back-Office Automation
  •   Electronic Software Delivery
  •   EMS-as-a-Service