Sentinel Cloud Licensing (SafeNet)

SafeNet's Sentinel Cloud Licensing is a user provisioning, authorization, metering and management solution that allows software publishers to deliver a cloud-like experience for on-premise applications. It is a comprehensive licensing and entitlement management solution for software publishers, with tools to build versatile product catalogs, provision and authorize user access, measure product usage, and instantly adapt product packaging from the cloud.


  •   Collect data to enable multiple business models

Consumption, subscription, post-paid, pre-paid, and hybrid. Use the same data to gather product insight, drive investment decisions and create attractive packages.

  •   Improve customer experience

By authorizing software access from any device, it lets end-users log into applications from desktops, laptops, tablets, and any other licenced devices.

  •   Adapt to changing market dynamics and customer requirements

Modify software features in real time and allow customers to buy more features, more products, and more packages instantly.

  •   Reduce costs associated with licence key management

Manage all software licences from the cloud and reduce inventory and support costs associated with hardware keys.

1. Customer order is entered into software vendor's ERP.

2. Order flowers to Sentinel Cloud and entitlement is automatically provisioned.

3. Entitlement is checked through cloud and software vendor's application is used on-premise. Customer data is collected and stored in Sentinel Cloud.

4. Software vendor can utilize data collected for billing purposes.

5. Sentinel Cloud can notify customer per vendor-defined rules like entitlement expiration.